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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Personal Bill of Rights

This post is about a wonderful tool that we were taught in Cog (Cognitive Therapy) to help us practice assertion skills and to help empower ourselves. This is a copy of a document called the "Personal Bill of Rights" straight from my Sharp Mesa Vista Cognitive Therapy Manual:

I have the right to...
  1. Ask for what I want
  2. Say "NO" to requests or demands I cannot meet
  3. Express all of my feelings, both positive and negative
  4. Change my mind
  5. Make mistakes and to not be perfect
  6. Follow my own values and standards
  7. Say "NO" to anything when I feel I am not ready, it is unsafe or it violates my values
  8. Determine my own priorities
  9. Not be responsible for others' behaviors, feelings or problems
  10. Expect honesty from others
  11. Be angry with someone I love
  12. Be uniquely myself
  13. Feel scared and say, "I'm afraid"
  14. Say, "I don't know"
  15. Not give excuses or reasons for my behavior
  16. Make decisions based on my own feelings
  17. My own needs for personal space and time
  18. Be playful and frivolous
  19. Be healthier than those around me
  20. Be playful and frivolous
  21. Be in a non-abusive environment
  22. Make friends and feel comfortable around people
  23. Change and grow
  24. Have my needs and wants respected by others
  25. Be treated with dignity and respect
  26. Be happy

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